Good communication aligns your idea, your vision, your strategy and your messages to all stakeholders. I deliver communication services and strategic advice and actions that help you make sense and create value. With my combined knowledge of business and communication I can help you craft a strategy and create plans for implementing and executing it with a key focus on getting the right messages to the right stakeholders. Make your strategy motivating to your employees, value adding for your customers and investors, as well as executable and measurable.
Texts that engage your audience. With clear and concise language, I make even complicated matters easy to understand. Writing is a passion and I deliver texts and articles for websites, newsletters, marketing campaigns, press releases, annual reports and social media. And everything beyond and in-between.
Speeches and presentations
A great speech requires two things: a good script, and a speaker with enough training and confidence to break away from the script. I provide you with both – and slides to match if needed. Together, we tailor the presentation to match the audience, and we keep practicing until you are confident.
Leadership communication
Communication is a foundation of good leadership. I assist leaders in getting messages across to employees, customers, boards and all other stakeholders. The process involves everything from planning your communication, training and coaching and practical help with text and presentations.
Communication Strategies
The right message. To the right stakeholder. Through the right channel. I help you design and plan your communication activities. Whether you need to convince investors or employees about the wonders of your new strategy or if you need to be well prepared in order to manage all issues that can turn in to potential crisis.

How to make a simple communication strategy
Prepared for the worst
Are you ready for your next crisis? Either you are not, or you are a liar because true crisis are the ones we can’t imagine. When the crisis hits, it will be easier to manage if you have identified potential risks, mapped the stakeholders, prepared a plan for who’s doing what, and prepared a Q&A. Even if it is a different crisis, you know the drill and stand (more) prepared. I can help you identify the issues, prepare the plans and the statement and train the spokespersons. And of course, I stand next to you 24/7 when the heat is on.
Strategy Processes
Great strategies make sense and create value for a wide range of people. Use professional communications skills from the early stages of your strategy process and aim for a successful implementation.

I facilitate strategy processes that helps you map and analyse all stakeholders and make sure that your strategy is as clear and inspiring to your employees, customers and financial partners as it is to you.

About me

Where business development, strategy and communication meet is where I find the excitement in my work life. I especially like to assist in creating new businesses or new business areas within existing corporations by combining my knowledge of strategy tools with my experience in corporate communications. I have an analytic approach to my work and I listen and think before I talk.  

Read my MBA Master Thesis on how to integrate communication into the organisational strategy process.
Leif Osmark
Leif Osmark


MBA International Communications & Leadership

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